why cannot recognize fake news?


In fact, this field was creating in many months ago, about 20 weeks ago.

At least I decide making this field at this time.

I publish my post in Friday (17/11/17) I heard from my dad about war news between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Suddenly I think what a matter! For writing in my blog in “English Time”.

Before I want write about this news I think why are we not filter fake news.

Now days we are decide choosing which one news useful for us. Our mine should analyze news. Because news publishes anytime and this is our life. Best suggestion at this time is getting filter for news and totality information.



 And again comeback. but not motivation. I wanna recognize my time but I cant. absolutely I can.

these days are busy for me. I should do my task.

My books waiting. but i cant reading them. another time when i writing at this part i know info from my books in library. 

 now I am in my family party and i board and tired. that s enough and i want sleep because time is for sleep. Go home and shut. you are not my family, you are not from my blood.



whenever I think to my childhood I not happy. my reason is time. Before I say in blog time for me, means God. The God is very nice and valuable. But in old I very time is waste. I do not believe that. If I Comeback again to childhood i dont  wasting time just for 1 minute. So I cant come back again and then I decide save my time in the life .  I wish success in this mission and vission


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